PMRX 840000-840099 FCA H351 3-bay open hopper for Railworks

Prototype Description:

FreightCar America Inc. produces 100-ton capacity triple hopper cars.

A new stainless steel triple hopper car from the company’s family of

cars designed to haul a wide range of cargo (including coal, petroleum

coke, aggregates, limestone, taconite pellets, ore, and ballast).

The Triple Hopper was designed to be an all steel/stainless steel

open top triple hopper having six doors arranged to operate in pairs

with double adjustable door locks. The car design is based on a

286,000 pound gross rail load and AAR Plate B clearance diagram.

The empty weight of each car is 58,900 pounds.

Car Specifications:

Reporting Marks: PMRX ex-JAIX

Running Number Series: 146500-148329

Owner/Lessor: Progress Metal Reclamation Company ex-JAIX Leasing Corporation

Manufacturer: Freightcar America

Rail Car Type: Open Hopper

Capacity (cubic feet): 3,744

AAR Type: H350

Built: 01=08-2008

Gate Type: D.A. International Casting Company

Trucks/Wheelset: Barber S-2-D 36″

Model Specifications:

Realistic animations

Detailed rivets, huckbolts, hex bolts, brake wheel, brake chain, and much more

Custom scripting features include:

Opening and closing of hopper doors

Prototypical, randomly assigned running numbers

3 random skins

LODs – number of polys

LOD1 — 354,404

LOD2 — 64,588

LOD3 — 22,601

LOD4 — 1,418

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