Tips To Solve Common Issues With Our Digital Products

Google chrome is troublesome with direct download links on our website and we are working to solve it. Please try other browsers like Firefox and Edge. Alternatively, you can right click on the download now link in Chrome and select "Save Link As" option and that should work.

Installing our products into Trainz is very easy! Check out this video to learn more!

Please watch this video to see how to install the contents of the files. Ensure to extract the files
out of the ZIP file before dragging the .CDP files into TRAINZ CONTENT MANAGER

If your purchase contains a content folder vs cdp file. File importing works the same as CDP files.

Open Content Manager > File > Import Content Folder

There can be several things going on. But no fear, we are here to help. Let’s break it down to some common issues.

  • The product is showing up in game, but not functioning properly.
    • This issue can be summed up 9/10 times to a script issue. This can be solved by updating your RRMods Script and RRMods Sound Library
    • Another possible issue is your Compatibility settings under the Trainz Settings is set to Maximize Performance. That setting needs to be set to Maximize Compatibility. As Maximize Performance will disable scripts. You can check and change that setting from the Trainz Launch Window > Trainz Settings > Dev Tab
  • The product doesn’t work in game. And it is highlighted in red in the game menu and content manager.
    • This is the result of a couple different things. Most commonly, it is caused by missing KUIDS which the product needs to function. Please refer to the “I am missing KUIDS” tab below.
    • The other common issue is you don’t have the latest RRMods Script Library or RRMods Sound Library installed which can cause script errors. You can find those under your product download links or under our Trainz Dependencies page.
  • Ive tried everything listed here and it still doesn’t work.
    • Sometimes, there are game bugs or other issues going on. Watch our video on how to determine which error message you are getting which is preventing our product from working. Please email us and provide your error message to us.

Missing Kuids is a common problem which is easily solved. We try our best to ensure everything is included with each new item we release. Rest assured that all Kuids are included with your purchase. 9/10 times missing KUIDS area result of mistakenly missing a file to install. Ensure to go through all the files you received, and make sure to extract the cdp files from the zip files before installing. However, sometimes errors happen. If you purchased/downloaded any newly released content and are missing Kuids. Or, if you download files are failing/corrupted after download, please email us at so we can immediately investigate the completeness of the download files. Here is a list of commonly missing KUIDS

<kuid2:338228:556:67> Is the RRMods Script Library

<kuid2:338228:100526:53> Is the RRMods Sound Effects Library

<kuid2:338228:1286:1> Is the RRMods tracksound

<kuid:338228:300403> Is the Headlight Corona

<kuid2:998317:100183:4> Is the Headlight Mesh Asset

These items are included with your purchases, but you can also find these items in our Dependencies section on our website

Sometimes depending on what browser you are using, the links may or may not work. Try different browsers to see if it works. Google chrome is troublesome with direct download links on our website for some reason. Please try other browsers like firefox. Alternatively, you can right click on the download now link in Chrome and select "Save Link As" option and that should work. Also, make sure to turn off any VPNs you have running. If doesn’t work, please email us at

This can be caused by various things. Most commonly, using Wi-Fi or your browser is the issue. Ensure to try downloading our products with a direct internet connect. Try other browsers as well. If none of those work, please email us at

The main difference between RRMods Operator Series Products and Railfan Series Products is the cabview. Railfan Series Products are designed for those who enjoy playing Trainz in DCC Mode, and do not have a prototypical correct cab. Operator Series Products are designed for those who enjoy cabview mode and actually manually operating all the controls

Can't solve your product issues, or your issue isn't outlined above?

Email us at

Ensure to provide us with your order number and or your account email to expedite your support experience. Please allow for up to 24-48 hours for us to reach out to you.
Thank you for your understanding