CGRX Trinity 5461cf 3-Bay Covered Hopper

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CGRX Trinity 5461cf 3-Bay Covered Hopper, Phase 1 series 546100-546138, Consolidated Grain and Barge Company

Model Features:

Realistically animated hoppers gates and hatches

Detailed rivets, huckbolts, hex bolts, brake wheel, brake chain, and much more

Trinity SnapLock, welded discharge gates

Barber S-2-D trucks

Custom scripting features include:

Opening and closing of gates and hatches

Prototypical, randomly running numbers

3 random skins

Includes products:

Alfalfa, Barley, Corn, Cottonseed Meats, Flaxseed Whole, Linseed Whole, Malt, Oats, Peanuts Shelled, Peas, Rice Hulled, Rye, Sorghum Seed, Soybeans, Wheat Grain


LOD Level Polygon Count

LOD1 — 90,587

LOD2 — 45,318

LOD3 — 9,192

LOD4 — 1,305


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