BNSF Trinity 3-Bay Covered Hopper 2

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BNSF Trinity 3-Bay Covered Hopper 2, 5161 cubic foot, Phase 5 series 480272-480957

Phase 3 cars have 12 side panels and roofwalk supports with notched side ladder supports and cast striker plate. BNSF cars have a shortened side sill on the B-end, right side, exposing the release valve of the brake control valve.

Realistically animated hoppers gates and hatches

Detailed rivets, huckbolts, hex bolts, brake wheel, brake chain, and much more

Trinity 5064 Snap-Lock bottom discharge gates

ASF Ride Master 36 inch trucks

Custom scripting features include:

Opening and closing of gates and hatches

Prototypical, randomly assigned running numbers

3 random skins

Includes products:

Alfalfa, Barley, Corn, Cottonseed Meats, Flaxseed Whole, Linseed Whole, Malt, Oats, Peanuts Shelled, Peas, Rice Hulled, Rye, Sorghum Seed, Soybeans, Wheat Grain


LODs – number of polys

LOD1 — 100,972

LOD2 — 41,450

LOD3 — 8,950

LOD4 — 1,185


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