UP 93000-93574 Greenbrier 5188cf covered hopper Railworks

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UP 93000-93574 Greenbrier 5188cf covered hopper Railworks

Prototype Description:
The Gunderson 5,188 cubic foot high-cube all-steel, through-center sill
covered hopper car, designed for high mileage grain service, is currently
one of the most volume effcient covered hopper cars in the industry today.
The car has 89.4 cubic feet of volume per linear foot, four water-tight hatch
covers, a 47′ 8″ x 24″ trough opening to economize the loading process,
and 30″ x 30″ outlet gates for fast unloading.

The phase?1 cars have?cutout end panels and?a short side sill
with a separate jack pad. There?are 16 running board supports
and 7 side panels.

Reporting Marks: UP
Running Number Series: 93000-93574
Owner/Lessor: Union Pacific
Rail Car Type: Covered Hopper
Manufacturer: Greenbrier-Gunderson
Capacity (cubic feet): 5,188
Gate Type: Gravity Discharge

Model Specifications:
Realistically animated hoppers gates and hatches
Detailed rivets, huckbolts, hex bolts, brake wheel, brake chain, and much more
Miner MKE-10200 30″ x 30″ gravity?discharge gates
ASF?Family of Trucks 36 inch trucks

Custom scripting features include:
Opening and closing of gates and hatches
Prototypical, randomly assigned running numbers
3 random skins

LODs – number of polys
LOD1 — 163,626
LOD2 — 79,365
LOD3 — 26,929
LOD4 — 2,952

Includes products:
Alfalfa, Alfalfa Pellets, Barley, Citrus Pellets, Corn, Corn Starch, Corn Hominy Feed,
Cottonseed Meal, Cottonseed Meats, Flaxseed Whole, Flour, Linseed Meal,
Linseed Whole, Livestock Feed, Malt, Molasses Feed, Oats, Peanuts Shelled,
Peas, Raw Sugar, Refined Sugar, Rice Hulled, Rye, Rye Feed, Sorghum Seed,
Soy Bean Meal, Soybeans, Starch Granules, Starch Powder, Wheat,
Wheat Grain, Canola Meal,


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