RGCX 21015-21089 FCA Autoflood 3 5-Bay Hopper

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Autoflood 3 Dependencies


RGCX 21015-21089


RGCX 21015-21089 textures



RGCX 21015-21089 FCA Autoflood 3 5-Bay Hopper

Updated for TS12 and T:ANE SP1 84204

Car Specifications:

Reporting Marks: RGCX

Running Number Series: 21015-21089

Owner/Lessor: Rio Grande Chemical Limited

Rail Car Type: Autoflood III 5-Bay Coal Hopper

Manufacturer: Freightcar America

Capacity (cubic feet): 4,200

Model Specifications:

Realistically animated hopper doors

Detailed rivets, huckbolts, hex bolts, brake wheel, brake chain, and much more

ASF Motion Control 36 inch trucks, rusty

Custom scripting features include:Opening and closing of gates and hatches

Prototypical, randomly running numbers

3 random skins

LOD Level Polygon Count

LOD1 — 205,788

LOD2 — 45,909

LOD3 — 10,160

LOD4 — 1,284

Uses built-in Coal kuid:44179:60013 product


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