NSC 60ft High Cube Box car TTX Railworks (Freeware)


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NSC 60ft High Cube Box car TTX Railworks

Required: Please ensure you install the “Rollingstock Dependent Audio” from the store.

Once you Check Out navigate to your dashboard and click “Downloads” then follow the readme.


  • Includes 3 different skins
  • Animated bottom shelf coupler/hoses
  • Auto Running Numbers
  • Road specific highly detailed features
  • Realistic physics
  • Tested in Railworks (TS2017 and TS2016)

Prototype Description:
National Steel Car’s 104-ton car features an inside length of 60-feet, 9-inches; an inside width of 9-feet, 6-inches; and a zero weld protrusion smooth interior wall with an interior height of 13-feet, 1-inch. The car shown is equipped with 8-foot double plug doors that are 12-feet, 4-inches high, a 70,000 pound nailable knurled steel floor, lading strap anchors, floor anchors and 15-inch end of car cushioning.

Car Specifications:
Reporting Marks: TTX
Running Number Series: 665000-667000
Owner/Lessor: TTX Company
Rail Car Type: High Cube Boxcar
Manufacturer: NSC
Capacity (cubic feet): 7,528



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