NORX 701-921 Thrall 4000cf Coal Gondola for Railworks


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NORX 701-921 Thrall 4000cf Coal Gondola

Exclusively for Railworks TS2016 and TS2017

Car Specifications:

Reporting Marks: NORX

Running Number Series: 701-921

Owner/Lessor: Northern Indiana Public Service Company

Phase: Yellow Single Rotary End

Rail Car Type: Thrall 4000cf Coal Gondola

Manufacturer: Thrall Car Manufacturing, Chicago Heights, IL

Capacity (cubic feet): 4,000

Model Specifications:

Detailed rivets, huckbolts, hex bolts, brake wheel, brake chain, and much more

ASF Ride Control 36 inch trucks, rusty

Animated coal load

Prototypical, randomly running numbers

3 skins/liveries

LOD Level Polygon Count

LOD1 — 107,354

LOD2 — 45,082

LOD3 — 18,314

LOD4 — 5,280

Prototype Description:

For 20 years from 1969 to 1989 Thrall Car Manufacturing, Chicago Heights, IL dominated the flat-bottom steel coal gondola market, producing in excess of 9,000 cars for more than 20 railroads and utility companies. The Thrall 4000 cuft coal gondola has a 100 ton capacity with a gross load weight of 263,000 lbs, extreme length of 53’1″ and an inside length of 47′. A few utilities and railroads ordered slight variations to the standard gondola, extending or shortening the length, which increased or reduced capacity as needed for rotary dumpers.

This Thrall gondola was initially conceived as a unit train coal car with the optimal strength, clean interior and ability to withstand high-mileage service. Designed for unit train rotary dump service, the all-welded car has external steel framework to provide uniform load carrying support with 12 external vertical stiffners and 2 sets of horizontal wrap-around stiffners on each end. The B-end has a high mounted brake with small brake step and a rotary A-end.


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