CNWX 395000-395999 NSC 4550cf covered hopper


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CNWX 395000-395999 NSC 4550cf covered hopper

Prototype Description:

National Steel Car built the 4550 cf 4-bay covered hopper to meet the needs of the

Canadian Government’s increased demand for grain and potash transportation capacity.

NSC’s 4550cf hoppers were built between November 1972 and September 1994. They’ve

worn a wide range of colorful paint and lettering schemes over the years and these

iconic cylindrical hoppers can still be found all across North America today.

The car design is based on a 263,000 pound gross rail load and AAR Plate C clearance

diagram with an empty weight of 63,200 pounds. Outside length is 59 ft with an extreme

height of 15 ft, an extreme width of 10 ft 8 in and a trough opening of 43 ft 6 in.

Cars are equipped with two types of Procor Toggle lock gates – the early unique

spiral cog design and the later Procor O1M articulated linkage design. Vibrator

bracket pads are located on the right side of the car only.

The phase 3 cars have angled end panels (wider at the top than at the bottom),

long sill notches (considerably wider than the width of the side ladders),

10 welded side panels, 14 roofwalk supports, narrow triangular support on the

end roofwalk step and a flat jack pad. Brake equipment is generally mounted

low on the shear plate; some cars have the brake reservior mounted halfway

up the end sheet on the B-end.

Car Specifications:

Reporting Marks: CNWX

Running Number Series: 395000-395999

Owner/Lessor: Canadian Wheat Board, operated by Canadian National Railway

Rail Car Type: Grain/Potash Hopper

Manufacturer: National Steel Car (NSC)

Capacity (cubic feet): 4,550

Gate Type: Gravity Discharge

Phase: 3

Model Specifications:

Realistically animated hoppers gates and hatches

Detailed rivets, huckbolts, hex bolts, brake wheel, brake chain, and much more

Procor Toggle Lock discharge gates

Dofasco Barber S-2 36 inch trucks with truck mounted brakes

Custom scripting features include:

Opening and closing of gates and hatches

Prototypical, randomly assigned running numbers

3 random skins

LODs – number of polys

LOD1 — 199,605

LOD2 — 131,168

LOD3 — 41,409

LOD4 — 6,751

Includes products:

Alfalfa, Alfalfa Pellets, Barley, Citrus Pellets, Corn, Corn Starch, Corn Hominy Feed,

Cottonseed Meal, Cottonseed Meats, Flaxseed Whole, Flour, Linseed Meal, Linseed Whole,

Livestock Feed, Malt, Molasses Feed, Oats, Peanuts Shelled, Peas, Raw Sugar,

Refined Sugar, Rice Hulled, Rye, Rye Feed, Sorghum Seed, Soy Bean Meal,

Soybeans, Starch Granules, Starch Powder, Wheat, Wheat Grain, Canola Meal


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