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ATW 80000-80299 Alstom Coil Car

Prototype Description:

National Steel Car’s steel coil car is a 286,000 lb car designed for cold or hot
coil service. The single, longitudinal trough offers a flexible configuration
to handle coils from 30-inch to 84-inch diameters and allows a uniformly
distributed maximum loading over the center 18-feet of the trough. The cars
are equipped with movable coil stops, a one-piece cover and polymer lining
on the inner bulkhead for added coil protection.

This car has I-beam side sill construction, fully visible center sill and
exposed trough cross members. Full walkways are located along the sides and
on each end. The bolster ends have a flat pull plate with a full jack plate
underneath. The hand brake is mounted low on the end platform facing away
from the center of the car for easy access by ground crews. Stenciled
dimensions are 52-foot 11-inch EL and 42-foot IL.

Car Specifications:
Reporting Marks: ATW
Running Number Series: 80000-80299
Owner/Lessor: Atlantic and Western Railway
Rail Car Type: Coil Car
Manufacturer: National Steel Car manufactured by Alstom Industries

Model Specifications:
Realistically animated hoppers gates and hatches
Detailed rivets, bolts, bolt threads, brake equipment, brake rigging, and much more
Trinity Snap-Lock 30×30 bottom discharge gates
ASF Family of Trucks 36 inch trucks
Prototypical, randomly assigned running numbers
3 weathered skin variations

LODs – number of polys
LOD1 — 244,463
LOD2 — 172,792
LOD3 — 70,955
LOD4 — 4,732
LOD5 — 722

Includes products:
Coil 64×76 inches
Coil 54×36 inches
Coil 62×36 inches
Coil 68×60 inches
Coil 72×48 inches
Coil 72×54 inches
Coil 72×60 inches
Coil Stop
Coil Hood ATW 80000-80299 WX1
Coil Hood ATW 80000-80299 WX2


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