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9/30/07 In need of help 8:20PM, by Joram24
If you are a creator of any skill level or have interest in working on trainz projects of any sort please visit my join page.
I am also offering hosting services, for more info visit the join page. You can goto the page here. Join RRMods

9/29/07 C40-8 NS Reskin 11:38PM, by Joram24
I am pleased to announce that I have added a NS reskin of SP_OR_BUST's C40-8 done by Sureshot. You can goto the page here C40-8 Page.


9/23/07 Southern Pacific Track Beta 3:54PM, by Joram24
I am releasing my track as a beta to see if anyone comes up with any abnormalities. I made this track to match the prototype so it doesn't match up too well with old Auran default track because my railhead width is thinner. Post your results in my forum along with any images to explain problems you've encountered. It should work fine in both 2004 and 2006. You can download it right here SP Track.


9/23/07 TSBY GP35 Pack 3:13PM, by Joram24
I made these for one of Chrisracer's route that includes the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay. I added some minor new features like updated trucks with shadowing and a new fuel tank with shadowing and gauges. You can find them on the GP35 page.

GP35 GP35

9/1/07 More MoPac GP40s 12:39AM, by Joram24
I have two new skins of the MoPac GP40 #631 and # 626 which were former Rock Island units. Once again I adjusted the trucks with more details and shadowing. You can find them on the GP40 page.


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