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The GP15-1 Project
September 2010

The GP15-1 is in full swing with Eastern roads on the horizon. Road names that are currently under construction are Conrail, CSX and Norfolk Southern. These will be followed by the Chicago & North Western, SLSF(Frisco) and Burlington Northern.


Other Projects
Many new boxcar skins will be arriving shortly.
MOW equipment.
Several new routes are in the works.
New Freeware locomotives in the works as well as new skins for some existing ones.
Some new locomotives that are in the works are the SD9, GP38-2, GP40-2, and RS-3. Check our forums for images of progress.

The GP35 Project 2004 through 2005
Here are some shots of how the GP35 took shape in gmax which being constructed in 2004. There have been several updates to this model since the original and a brand new more accurate model has been built and is awaiting the final stages of construction. Check our forums for the current images of this project.

In the images below you can see how drawings on transparent planes are used to create the 3D shapes.

GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax

GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax GP35 in GMax

Here is a shot to show you one of the main PSD layered files I created so that everyone could repaint it with ease. Perhaps I should say ease is a relative term if you have photoshop knowledge. This file in particular has 61 layers and it is at 1024x1024. PSD file

GE B40-8 and U25B Started in 2005
Here are a couple of locomotives I started in January 2005 but never got around to finishing. First one is a U25B and the second is a B40-8(8-40B). Since these pictures the B40-8 has been updated and the U25B has been completely rebuilt. As time permits we will be displaying pictures of these models as we continue work on them.

U25B B40-8

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