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10/16/07 CN Holly Sub v3 10:28PM, by Joram24
An exclusive version of Chrisracer8903's CN Holly Sub has been added to our site. It's only available on RRMods.com
Go here for more information Chrisracer8903's Trainz Page

10/16/07 Newly Hosted Website 5:41PM, by Joram24
Our newest hosted site is up and running. The site belongs to one of our newest RRMods member, Dermmy. There is still a bit more construction but for the most part it is ready. So stop on by and have a look.
Dermmy's Trainz Page

10/10/07 C36-7 added 4:31PM, by Joram24
6900 has graciously allowed us to host his newest versions of his C36-7. The pack includes one loco in MoPac blue and the other in UP Yellow with MoPac lettering. These are some wonderful models and I would like to thank 6900 for allowing us to host them. The pack is available on the C36-7 Page

C36-7 C36-7

10/07/07 New Coal Hopper Skins 12:59PM, by Joram24
I would first like to welcome LVman to our little group here at RRMods and I have added his recent reskins of my H62R hoppers. Goto this page to grab them. Rolling Stock


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