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11/27/08 Recent News 5:06PM, by Joram24
I thought I would make a post to let those know who don't visit our forums what has been going on lately as far as creations.

Some creations by Cozmo that are in the works. SW1500 and a U28B.

Guido73 has been working on his NSC gondola. Which there is a beta available to try out on our forums.

So for myself, I have been working on updating the SD45-2 models with new shadows and high detail HTC trucks. I am also working on a new GP50 model.

Happy Thanks Giving!

11/12/08 All payware on sale 11:07PM, by Joram24
Buy any two of the same priced packs and you will get one pack of the same price or lessor value for free. Once you receive your order I will ask you which pack(s) you would like to get as your free ones. During this time any free packs from this sale will count towards your total amount purchased for access to our Silver(15) and Gold(30) members areas in our forums. You must be signed up with our forums to be given access. Here is a list of what we have in these areas.

Silver area Content - Requires 15 purchases
1. ATSF-BNSF GP35 additional numbers w/detail variations BNSF GP35
2. NS GP15 with custom cabview
3. GP40 CSX-yg
4. BN SD40 - new number and flashing beacon.
5. Various beta tests.
Gold area Content - Requires 30 purchases
1. All silver area items
2. UP SD40M-2 alt modern Z scheme and ex SP SD40M-2 with UP gray over all red paint.
3. Beta test SP SD40 new features
4. SD40-2 ATSF snoot nose with new custom cabview.

More content will be added to these areas based on requests. If you have any questions about this offer email me or send me a pm.
This sale will run for one week and end on the 19th.

Goto our payware page.

11/5/08 New Boxcar 3:42PM, by Joram24
Guido73 has completed his newest model of a 60ft high cube boxcar. The model is detailed nicely to match the prototype.

Goto our 60ft Boxcar downloads page to grab it.


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