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11/30/07 More Boxcars 12:04PM, by Joram24
I added another set of new boxcars with a new mesh and 3 step LOD system.

ATSF Boxcar ATSF Boxcar

You can Grab them here!

11/30/07 ATSF Boxcar 10:54PM, by Joram24
I have added a new boxcar with a new mesh setup which includes a 3 step LOD system.
Level 1 the closest is 3000 Polygon and 1024x1024 textures
Level 2 Mid is 1500 Polygon and 512x512 Textures
Level 3 Farthest at 94 Polygon and 256x256 Textures

More skins of these coming soon!

ATSF Boxcar

You can Grab it here!

11/28/07 Products Added 10:15PM, by Joram24
I would like to introduce our new line of prototypical detailed and accurate payware products. It is the first of our new products which is a special double pack of a completely redone model. The ATSF/BNSF GP35 4 unit pack features all new details plus many new features. Two units have light weathering and both have different ATSF details. The other two are BNSF patched units with heavy weathering. These units include our brand new custom cab view and the exterior view has an animated cab door that works on the pantograph hotkey. For a more detailed list of features and more screenshots please visit the page listed below.

Go directly to the ATSF Product Page.


11/27/07 Route Update 8:54AM, by Joram24
Mjcopter has updated and improved his MoPac "Route of the Eagle". It also includes the EMD La Grange Facility.

You can also download the EMD route as a stand alone route.

Visit the MoPac page.

We also have 6900's SD90 in primer which was made for use around the EMD Facility.

Visit the Download Page.

11/19/07 Conrail GP38 5:54PM, by Joram24
The GP38 Conrail unit named "Spirit of Conrail" which is a special 25th anniversary paint scheme has been completed and is now up for download. This unit also features the pantographed cab windows. This model and future packs of the GP38 will work in TRS04 and TRS06!

GP38 GP38

You can download the GP38 pack here.

11/19/07 Donations 5:25PM, by Joram24
All donations go towards keeping the site running and for purchasing reference material for new locomotives and rolling stock which aid in the creation process. GE locomotive models are on hold until we can afford to purchase good scaled drawings and reference books. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and all who donate will be considered for beta testing of locomotives.

You can go here if you wish to donate.

11/15/07 MoPac GP38 Pack 5:15PM, by Joram24
The first pack of GP38's are now here. First up is the Missouri Pacific GP38 two unit pack. This is also my first locomotive to employ my new animated cab window system. You can now open and close the cab windows by hitting the pantograph button. View of the windows operating can be found on the same page as the pack download.

This model and future packs of the GP38 will work in TRS04 and TRS06!

GP38 GP38

You can download the GP38 pack here.

11/07/07 45ft NS Bulkhead 8:48PM, by Joram24
I added a pack of 2 versions of my NS bulkhead flatcars. They include my new freight trucks.


You can download them here.

11/07/07 MILW and MoPac Boxcar Packs 8:25PM, by Joram24
I added some more boxcar packs done by Captkilljoy of my 60ft model. They include my new freight trucks.

Boxcar Boxcar

You can download them here.

11/07/07 BN Boxcar Pack 4:05PM, by Joram24
I have added a custom paint boxcar done by Captkilljoy of my 60ft model. Not a photoskin but all custom made graphics. It includes new freight trucks.


You can download it here.

11/07/07 H62R Coal Hopper Packs 3:55PM, by Joram24
Thanks to Mr. Shanks I was able to gather the remaining H62R packs. I now have a total of 19 packs assembled and ready for download. They all now have my new animated freight trucks and are all ready to use in TRS2006 or TRS2004 with no errors.

Check out the new H62R page to download them.

11/06/07 H62R Coal Hopper Model 9:47PM, by Joram24
I am currently trying to locate the following reskins of my H62R coal hopper that were previously available on USTrainz.
BN, CN, CSXT, Reading & Northern and Clinchfield are the packs I am missing. I would like to post them along with the updated packs I have ready to add to this site. I have NS, Conrail, UP, Seaboard, DRGW, MoPac, NW, Southern and CNW all updated with my new freight trucks.

If you have any of the missing packs please email them to me at joram24@hotmail.com.

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