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5/15/11 New Freeware 12:37AM, by Joram24
This model was originally created by Andy Quaas of Digital Roundhouse in 2003 and with his permission we are updating it for the newer versions of Trainz. Right now it is in beta but we will be updating it over time to include more details and an updated custom cab view which was original included in this release. So far it has many added details, all new mapping and textures, and now has ARN. Other road names are soon to follow. Join our discussion and follow along with the future updates in our forums.

Conrail SD80mac - This pack features Eldavo's NumberIt(auto running numbers). Works in TRS2009 on up.

SD80mac Page

5/6/11 Payware Sale 2:45PM, by Joram24
Pricing on our GP40 and GP35 packs have been slashed up to 60% off and will stay reduced until the brand new model meshes are ready. The updates will replace these packs and will be a free upgrade to any who purchases these packs. After the updates are released the pricing will go back up to new pack prices.

Payware GP40 Page

Payware GP35 Page

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