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5/26/10 May Giveaway Contest 5:05AM, by Joram24
The contest has officially ended and the winners will be announced in the next couple of days. Good luck to everyone who entered!

5/20/10 May Giveaway Contest 5:05PM, by Joram24
Our contest will be held starting today May 20th until May 25th Midnight CST time.

How to enter the contest:
You must purchase an item(s) that equals $7.00 or more. One entry per person only is counted.

What you will win:
Contest is for your choice of our selection of payware packs.
Prizes this time will be more spread out then our last contest with 2 more winning spots added.

First place: 15 packs
Second place: 10 packs
Third place: 8 packs
Fourth place: 5 packs
Fifth place: 3 packs

Winners are selected using this process:
Each contestant is assigned a number as they enter(i.e 1 thru 20). At the end of the contest the numbers are then entered into a random number generator. Each winning place is selected one by one. The first number to come up 3 times wins the place. http://www.random.org/

5/20/10 62ft Bulkhead Flatcars 5:11AM, by Joram24
The second set of our 22 new 62ft Bulkhead Flatcars skins by CN-Northwestern are now available for download.

Bulkhead page

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

5/6/10 New payware added 1:41PM, by Joram24
New SD40-2 payware packs are now available

SD40-2 Page

All of these packs are now available for auto download after purchase. If you run into any problems contact me at the email address you receive on your transaction. Packs were commissioned by Mikelj001.

Phase Ib dynamic braking canary paint "North Little Rock" BN specs.

Phase Ib dynamic braking ordered for joint coal service over the Burlington Northern system built to BN specs.

Phase Ib dynamic braking ordered for joint coal service through "Tennessee Pass" built to D&RGW specs.

Phase Ia painted in canary scheme with UP block lettering exMoPac.

Phase Ia painted in canary "north little rock" scheme with MoPac block lettering.

First delivery Phase Ia non dynamic braking in Jenks and Eagle paint schemes.
Screenshot Screenshot

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