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7/31/07 MoPac Boxcar Packs
Again, some more 60' boxcars by Captkilljoy. They use my new ASF trucks so be sure to grab them all from my downloads page.
CSX Boxcar CSX Boxcar

7/29/07 New Boxcar Packs
Here are a couple of boxcar reskin packs of my 60' boxcar by Captkilljoy. They use my new ASF trucks so be sure to grab them all from my downloads page.
CSX Boxcar CSX Boxcar UP Boxcar UP Boxcar

7/27/07 Upcoming Releases
Here are a couple of shots of some soon to be released projects. First is a MRL woodchip hopper with animated loading and the second one is my new track.
MRL Woodchip Hopper New Track

7/23/07 ASF Freight Trucks Finished
I have finished updating my freight trucks for the final time so that they are now error free in TRS2006. I will be adding the layered PSD files so that anyone can reskin them and I would like to host your reskins of my trucks so email them to me. I'll try to get the PSD file up soon, it will be in the downloads section.
ASF Freight Trucks on MRL

7/22/07 NS TopGons
Added NS Topgons with my new ASF freight trucks on them. They are available on the downloads page under the rolling stock section. The gons are error free in TRS2006.
screenshot screenshot

7/20/07 Welcome to RRmods.com
Welcome to my new site, I am Joram24(Joe Ramos) and this site will host all my creations for Trainz. I still have many creations that either I never finished or never released and I would like to get them up on this site. You will be able to find all my former payware items as well such as my GP35, GP40 and SD35 series. They are currently being hosted at USTrainz.com but I am going to be updating them over time and adding to them. Eventually I would like to make available my multi-layered PSD(Photoshop) files so that you can reskin them yourself. That would also include my rolling stock and other creations. I've been away for quite awhile so I do have some catch up learning and remembering to do so please be patient.

This site is still under construction and will be for at least a week or two.

ASF Ride Control 100 Ton Freight Trucks.
I made these well over a year ago and so the config was setup for trs2004 but there shouldn't be any problems with trs2006. Until the download page is completed you can download it right here. ASF Trucks
ASF Freight Trucks

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