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12/29/07 B&O/CSX GP40 Product Released 2:05AM, by Joram24
Included in this pack are 2 units in original B&O paint, 1 unit in CSX Patched, and 1 ex B&O unit in the CSX-g paint scheme. Individually weathered with prototype B&O details like their unique snowplow design and each unit includes a custom cabview. Also included with purchase is a 2 man driver crew set which places an engineer and fireman when you select it as a driver. Compatible with TRS04, 06, and TC.
Price for this 4 unit pack is set to $10.00 which is $2.50 per unit.

You can visit the B&O/CSX GP40 Page here.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

12/25/07 GP38 NS 12:35AM, by Joram24
Merry Christmas all,
Here is a repaint of our GP38 model in NS paint done by Sureshot. It has ARN and animated cab windows along with all the usually features.

GP38 Page


12/21/07 RRMods Contest 2:35AM, by Joram24
Hello all, I wanted to invite you all to post in our forums for your chance to win an upcoming new payware release. Visit the payware releases forum and vote for your favorite railroad paint scheme. Then post about which one you voted for and you will be entered in for a chance to win a pack for free. For more details and to vote please visit our Forums.

12/20/07 MILW GP40 Pack Released 3:35AM, by Joram24
This is the Milwaukee Road GP40 pack with prototype detailing. It is a two unit pack with the usual features offered by RRMods. Some of the features are weathering, animated fans, animated trucks, animated cab windows and a custom cab view. For more details on this product and our other offerings please visit our payware main page.

Visit the MILW GP40 Page.

GP40 GP40

12/19/07 GP15-1 MP/UP 11:40PM, by Joram24
I thought I would go ahead and do this real quick skin since some people were having an anxiety attack over the last one because of the cab door being open. This is a Missouri Pacific repaint with a different spark arrestor configuration. This is one of my all time favorite paint scheme/model ever since I saw these workin the yards in downtown Dallas back in the mid 80's. Once again Merry Christmas.

Grab it here on the GP15 Page.

GP15 GP15

12/17/07 GP15 Release 6:00PM, by Joram24
This is the first freeware release of our GP15 model in UP paint(ex MoPac). I had been waiting on permission from Union Pacific to release this. It is not as featured filled as I would like it to be but that would just of delayed the release until next year. There is also a MoPac blue version I will be releasing soon as well. Versions after these will have some modifications to the mesh that I am working on now and plus the features that I didn't have time to add will be added.

Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it.

Grab it here on the GP15 Page.

GP15 GP15 GP15 GP15

12/17/07 GP38 NS CS Logo 6:25AM, by Joram24
Sureshot just finished this reskin of the Conrail NS patched unit with the "customer satisfaction" logo.

Grab them here on the GP38 Page.


12/14/07 SOO Line Product Release 6:00AM, by Joram24
RRMods SOO Line GP40 three unit pack features prototype details and weathering, animated fans and trucks, animated cab windows and a custom cab view. This GP40 3D model differs greatly from our freeware version because it has all newly modeled parts like a new cab, cab windows, stairwells, fan guards and much more. These units have SOO Line style snowplows, ditch lighting, winterization hatches and all weather windows. One unit is an ex/MILW with the dynamic brake fan removed and patched over, the other two were originally delivered with non dynamic braking. These three units are the only GP40's that remain on the roster in the SOO Red/White paint as of 2006. The rest are either in CP paint or MILW "bandit" patched paint.
The price of this 3 unit set has been to set to $6.75

Go directly to the SOO Line GP40 Product Page.

GP40 GP40 GP40 GP40

12/10/07 GP38 Patched Units 11:15PM, by Joram24
Here is a pack of GP38 skins done by Sureshot of the Conrail patched unit. Pack includes four units with different weathering. Two of which are patched for NS and the other two are patched in CSX.

Grab them here on the GP38 Page.

GP38 GP38 GP38 GP38

12/7/07 Kodachrome Product Released 2:15PM, by Joram24
RRMods ATSF Kodachrome GP35 PhaseII 2 unit pack features prototype details with many features. Features include custom animated Blomberg B trucks, animated rooftop fans, custom 567 engine sound, Leslie S3 horn sound, animated cab door, animated cab windows and custom cab view. One unit acts as a lead unit with a rotary beacon and animated cab door and unit two has sliding cab windows with the beacon turned off. Price is $4.50 for this two unit pack. For more details and screenshots please visit the page listed below.

Go directly to the ATSF Kodachrome Product Page.


12/4/07 More Boxcars 1:50PM, by Joram24
We have some more boxcar skins done in our new mesh with the 3 step LOD system applied to them.
Captkilljoy also has updated a couple of his recent boxcar releases to this new mesh. Look for his ultra realistic BN and UP updated packs.

Again here are the details of the 3 step LOD we used:
Level 1 the closest is 3000 Polygon and 1024x1024 textures
Level 2 Mid is 1500 Polygon and 512x512 Textures
Level 3 Farthest at 94 Polygon and 256x256 Textures
The original model and psd template textures were done by Joram24. Updated psd textures by Captkilljoy and reskins by Sureshot.

NS Conrail CSXT

You can Grab them here!

12/3/07 GP38-2 BNSF Released 4:04PM, by Joram24
Our first GP38-2 in the BNSF Heritage III paint scheme with ARN as been added.


You can Grab it here!

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