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8/26/07 MoPac GP40 added 4:02PM, by Dukane
I have just completed a MoPac GP40 #612 and it includes several updates to the model and GP truck details. It is also ready for TRS2006. The perfect addition to Mjcopter's MoPac Route of the Eagle route. You can find it on the GP40 page.


8/25/07 WC SDL39 by Cozmo 11:05AM, by Dukane
Cozmo has allowed me to add his SDL39 locomotive to my downloads pages. As you can see from the enlarged screenshot this is a wonderful locomotive to add to your collection. Wisconsin Central SDL39


8/24/07 Mjcopter's MoPac Caboose 10:46PM, by Dukane
At the request of Mjcopter I have added this Mopac caboose as a nice addition to run on his route. You can find it here

8/12/07 Updated all GP40 packs for TRS06 9:26PM, by Dukane
Previously, only a few GP40 packs were updated for TRS2006 error free. Now all of them have been updated. These are separate from the old GP40 packs which are on my TRS04 page. Available on the GP40 page.

8/12/07 Added All Loco Packs For TRS04 10:16PM, by Dukane
I've noticed alot of people still using TRS04 so I figured I'd add a page with all my old downloads from USTrainz. All 54 loco packs have new sounds and are available for download plus 25 packs of rolling stock. Please remember these were created for TRS2004, installs on TRS2006 are not guaranteed to work properly.
Available on the downloads page.

8/12/07 New Rolling Stock 5:35PM, by Dukane
I now have new pieces of rolling stock ready in two road names Montana Rail Link and Southern Pacific. The original model was created a few years ago so it needed an updated to the mesh. More roadnames will be released in the weeks ahead. I am looking for individuals interested in skinning some of these.
These new animated woodchip hoppers are now available on the downloads page. TRS2006 error free.
Rolling Stock Rolling Stock

8/12/07 Updated Loco Packs 3:23PM, by Dukane
You can now find the following loco packs on the downloads page, which have been updated for TRS2006. SP SD35, SP GP35, UP GP35, CSX SD35, Reading GP35 and the MRL GP35.

8/11/07 Conrail GP40 #3231 4:32PM, by Dukane
I have updated the Conrail GP40 #3231 which was the beta test version for my first GP40 release. This unit was never weathered so if you feel up to the challenge I am looking for anyone who is interested in weathering this unit as a reskin of their own. It's here on the downloads page. It is also TRS2006 error free.
GP40 Conrail Original

8/11/07 UP GP35 4:32PM, by Dukane
You can also get the latest version of the UP GP35 pack on the downloads page. It is a reskin done by Captkilljoy. The link was previously not working but now it's up and the pack is TRS2006 error free.

8/11/07 MoPac Flatcars 4:32PM, by Dukane
A package of two skins of my 45ft industry ready flatcar. The pack includes my new 100 ton freight trucks and they are TRS2006 error free.
MP Flatcar

8/05/07 Missouri Pacific Coal Hoppers 7:46PM, by Dukane
These are reskins of my H62R coal hopper with animated loading. They were reskinned by Sureshot and now use my ASF freight trucks. Goto the downloads page to grab them. They are also TRS2006 error free.
MoPac Hoppers

8/05/07 New Loco Packs 8:14PM, by Dukane
We now have three new locomotive packs ready for download. First one is a reskin by Tbob of the Metro North GP35. The other ones are sets of three of GP40 SCL and GP40 GA locomotives reskinned by Nikos. All of these new packs are error free in TRS2006. They are now available on our downloads page.

GP35 Metro North

8/04/07 Missouri Pacific - Route of the Eagle 2:34AM, by Dukane
I'm pleased to annouce that MJCopter's route entitled "Missouri Pacific - Route of the Eagle" is now ready for download.

8/02/07 New Forum 11:28AM, by Dukane
Our new forum is up and ready for visitors so be sure to stop in, signup and say hello.

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