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Our Mission
Our passion is the art of prototype modeling from the long lived traditions of scale model railroading which it is our goal to bring to the train simulator gaming world. Studying the history of American railroads and duplicating what we have learned in an attempt to teach and preserve the history of railroading in the 3D realm.

What is Trainz?
Trainz Railroad Simulator is a PC only Microsoft Windows simulator game. It simulates the experience of driving a locomotive in all regions of the world and all era's of time.
For example you can operate the steam locomotives of the old west to diesel locomotives of modern day North America or do the same in Australia, the UK, Germany and many others. It is a International game developed by Auran an Australian game maker.
The unique side to this game is that it allows users to contribute their own custom made locomotives, rolling stock, scenery and routes which any other user can load into their game. Visit this wikipedia trainz page for more information.

Our Group history in the Trainz Community

SP Workshop
Our first Trainz group was called the Southern Pacific Workshop in 2004. All of the members(Captkilljoy, Sp_or_Bust, DavieUCF and myself) were avid SP fans and we strove to bring to Trainz more SP content. SP Workshop

In 2005 (after leaving another group with several other people) we had decided to start our own group UST. Many of our current members were apart of this and all our older content was created during our time in this group.

RRmods Website
Created in July 2007 and it featured all the content previously created. Our website contains mostly Trainz content but should there ever be another train sim we will probably create for it as well as continuing to create for Trainz.

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